Let me start with a question.  Do you currently have a list of subscribers, but you are not making any money from them?

If so, you are not really doing it right.  You need a different strategy.

In the next few blog posts, I am going to give you some idea on the top 10 ways to start making money with your list.

1. It is not about the size

First of all, being able to make money from your list or not, is not about the size of the list.  It’s the relationship you have with the list, which really pays you.

Most online marketers think by building a list, they will be able to earn money out of it.  However, the building of the list is really just the first step.

It is the relationship that you have built with your list that matters.  If you ever want to sell anything to anybody, you have to build a relationship with your audience first.  They have to trust you.  Once you build a rapport with your prospect, the next step would be to get these people to respond.

2. Market to the right people

Moreover, you have to market to the right people. 

Sound obvious?  Indeed it is.  You won’t believe how many marketers reached out to the wrong people, without even knowing.

Start with your marketing material.  Your lead capture page (no doubt this is where you start) should match whatever you are offering.  Eg. if your lead capture page promises daily videos about online marketing, but you send gardening videos instead.  Then you will be selling wrong things to your audience.

3. Frequency of your communications

This is indeed very important – frequency of your messages.

Very likely that if you are not making money from your list, is because you are not contacting them frequent enough. 

You should be reaching out to your list very frequently.  Different industry would have a different number on this, there really is no set answer.  I’d say if you can send emails once a day to your list, that would be terrific.  That totally depends on how you want to position yourself.

Just bear in mind that your average prospect spends less than 5 seconds a day thinking about you or your business.  Daily email is really not too much at all.

If your list is receiving your content / stories / offers daily, and it is too much for them, then they are probably not the right prospect for you.

Chances are your target audience is on the internet marketing niche, since you are reading my blog.  They are very likely to be checking their emails several times a day.  You really should aim to send daily emails.

Keep an eye on this blog – part 2 will be online very soon!