In the last blog post, I listed the first 3 ways to make money with your subscriber list.  If you have not read it, please click here.

Let us continue.

4. Be consistent in your communication with your list.  Consistency is key.

Consistency is just as important as frequency.

How often do you email them?  And how often are you staying in front of your prospect?  This is what consistency is all about.

Eg. if you email them everyday for a week, and then stop for a month.  What would happen?  Your list will die out pretty quickly.

This is, unfortunately, happening all the time.

5. Make them remember you

Your new leads have memories like a gold fish (pretty much).  You need to make a mark when they first join your list.

However, many marketers build their lists, start emailing them, and got no results.  And so they stopped for a few months, and then come back to this again.  What would happen?  Their subscribers don’t remember signing onto their lists anymore.

You should always be conscious of this, and keep in touch with them from the beginning.

6. Be aware of the constant threat of the declining value of your list

Your list is a very unique asset.  It is very important to keep a healthy degree of paranoia about your email list.  Your email list is very valuable, but their value don’t stay like precious metal or real estate.

Your list is indeed an organic asset.  It is perishable and can expire.  It is either improving in value or it is decaying.

You must actively take steps and actions to improve the responsiveness of your list, and improve the relationship with your subscribers.  If you don’t, your list will die out.  If it is neglected too much, it will die out completely.

Keep an eye on my future blog post for part 3 of this top 10 list.