Building a list is one of the most important parts of your business. But many people have NO idea how to get started.

What is a “List?”

First of all, what exactly is a “List”?

In a nutshell, it is a list of people that you can keep in contact with.  In our use case, a list of people that you have permission to marketing to via sending them emails.

Here are 6-Ways to Quickly Build Your List (could be more, I am just highlighting the popular ones).

1. Set up a Lead Capture Page 

If you want to build a list, the first thing you need is a lead capture page – also known as a squeeze page, opt-in page, or a landing page. These all refer to the same thing.  The tool that I like to use the most is a WordPress plugin called Profit Builder.

Once you have a page setup, you need to populate it with content.  If you need some guidance, think of your last time buying online, and mimic their sales page to start with.  Your copywriting skill will improve over time.

2. Get an Email Auto-responder

Next, you will need to sign up for an email auto-responder service.  With this, you can build web forms (more to come), store your list of emails, and email them (adhering to Anti-SPAM regulation).

What would happen is that people will land on your lead capture page, where there will be a form to capture their email address, and store in this email auto-responder service.

You will need to email them in buik, and this is the major reason why you need this service.  You will be able to email them with just one click of your mouse, segment your list (more advanced way of list management, but you will eventually come to this).

An email auto-responder is by far the best way to send bulk emails. There are several out there.  I would suggest GetResponse, because it is cheap, effective, and it’s good for building a list. This service stores all your email addresses. And you will be able to send unlimited emails from GetResponse for around $20 a month.

3. Create Your Sign-up Form

You will need to create a form within your auto-responder.  Once done, you will get a snippet of form code.

Sounds technical, but once you sign up with GetResponse, you will receive step-by-step instructions.   (If not, leave a comment below and I will reach out and help you.)

GetResponse walks you through how to create a list, and how to create a form. You need to get that form set up because that’s where people put in their email address.

After you finish setting up your form, insert it on to your lead capture page. When people go to your website, they put in their email address, it’s then sent to your GetResponse account. 

When you can log into GetResponse, you can see all the email addresses you have collected, how many people are on your list, and then you can type an email and send it out to your list.

4. Drive Traffic to Your Lead Capture Page

Next, you need to drive traffic to your lead capture page.  The fastest way to get traffic is using paid-traffic method.  It is better as well, because you can easily scale it up once you find a good traffic source. 

Free traffic certainly works, but it is not really free.  It will take your time, and your time is valuable. 

Using paid traffic, you will be able to generate a good ROI much faster. Your primary interest should be in getting a good ROI.

5. Pick Your Traffic Method

There are lots of paid traffic methods: Facebook ads, solo ads, Google Adwords, banner advertising etc.  You should pick just one paid traffic method and stick with it.  Once you master it, then you should look into a second traffic source.  You don’t want to only rely on one traffic method, but you can’t be trying to make all of them work at the same time.

A good place to get paid traffic is via a solo-ad platform called Udimi.

6. Send Daily Emails to Your List

Now that you’ve learned how to send traffic to your lead capture page.  When people land on your page, usually about 25-30% of them will put in their email addresses.

These emails will be fed into your email auto-responder (GetResponse).  Simply login and start sending emails to your list.

You can utilize these emails to build a relationship with your list, promote different offers, and when they buy, you will get commission!

You simply need to take action.  If you don’t, you won’t be building anything.

I have a step-by-step instruction written to guide you through building your list building system, and the best offers to promote.  Simply fill in the form below to grab your free copy.