This is part 3 of the series of “Top 10 ways to make money with your list”.  If you missed the previous blog posts, you can go back and read part 1 and part 2.

7. Survey your list (i.e. ask them what they want from you!)

If you want to know what your list want, the only way you can do so is to ask the question.

You can simply ask the question on your email, or build a quick survey using survey tools like SurveyMonkey, Wufoo, or even Google form.  Just do a quick Google search and you would be able to find a ton of options.

Ask people on your list what they want to learn, what they want to buy, and why they felt compelled to give you their email address at the first place.

You will quickly discover what they want and be able to offer them something of interest to them.

8. Make offers to your list (this is the whole point in having a list!)

You are here to run a profitable business, and you must never be afraid to make offers and ask for the sale!

You really should promote your offer pretty much in every single email.  People join your list and they won’t be offended if you sell them something.  If so, they can unsubscribe and they should not be your target audience.  Don’t feel bad about it.

Be relentless to promote your offers.

However, don’t make every email a sales pitch.  Your email still needs to bring value and be engaging.

9. Copywriting skills: Never stop improving them.

You should really work at improving your copy writing skills.  It is a very important skill to master. Copy is the ultimate leverage point.

The most powerful and profitable skills you can posses, is the ability to put words on a page and influence the masses to do what you say.  It is something worth your time studying and practicing.

Occasionally you should say “if you have any questions about this, get back to me” in your emails.  Encourage your readers to respond to you.  Either replying to your email, or send you a message on Facebook.

Surprisingly, responding to emails, following up on questions with prospects, is not very common in this industry!  If you can do that, you will certainly stand out from the crowd.  Very easily.

The moment you respond to your readers, you become a real person in their eyes.  You create a connection between you two.  They would become more responsive as leads and as buyers, so keep on writing.