Last but not least!  Finally we have reached part 4 of this blog post series.  If you have not read the previous posts, access part 1, part 2 and part 3.

10. Make offers to different marketing channels (that you introduce through your emails)

Again, your success in marketing is all about making offers.  Apart from writing emails, you can utilize different channels.  Eg. You can do a webinar.  Then you can bring your subscribers to a webinar, teach them something (remember to bring value), and make an offer at the end.

If you think running webinars is not easy, then think again.  It really is not.  Just go to webinar platforms like WebinarJam or GoToWebinar, sign up for an account, follow their step-by-step instructions, et voila – you can start running your webinar in no time!

Or alternatively, bring your subscribers to your Facebook group, engage them, and make an offer as well.

Be relentless in marketing to them.

Over time, you should have developed several main marketing channels.  Utilize them from time to time and make sure to follow up.  It is all about persistence in the follow up.  Always be putting an offer in front of your audience.  Show that you are relevant to them, you are in their lives, and when they are ready to buy, you are right there.

I hope these top 10 ways will actually help you make more money with your list.  If you action after reading all these 10 tips, then you should have a very solid idea of how to start.

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